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Project Objective

A motivational mobile app design that includes detailed profile screens, interactive communication screens, and a goal-planning calendar. The Do It App was designed to help keep its users pumped up and motivated about life, adventures, and living the life of their dreams.

Project Objective

Lifted is an e-commerce app created for luxe shoppers who like a little edge in their lives. The mobile app was designed for iOS and delivers a boldly contrasted look while maintaining a high-end and glamorous appeal.

Project Objective

Bookie is an ultra-modern, flat and free UI design kit created for those who need a little light in their lives. The screens are dynamically engaging and very versatile, so they can used in many types of applications. This free download contains layered artboard files for Adobe Photoshop CC and can be downloaded at THIS LINK.

Project Objective

Websites present a glorious opportunity to create something that can stun the world. The following are two recent and original creations, both crafted for use in the WordPress CMS platform. Credit for above photo: © Aaron Settipane, Dreamstime

Project Objective

Bridge is a multimedia social media news app that delivers relevant content to its users through their technological mechanism of choice. Be it blog articles, videos, audio broadcasts, or online social conversations, Bridge connects members with content of interest in a sleek and modern way.

Project: Do It App


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Welcome to my corner of the world. Here lives vibrant branding and business strategerie.

Designing for others is something I do out of both passion and necessity. The passion is fueled by my desire to make things pretty, necessity comes from people like you who have a fantastic vision they need to realize. Click the vertical words on the left to sample my world.


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Frontend Web Design, Mobile User Interface Design, Wireframing, Digital Design, WordPress Custom Themes.


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Publicis Groupe U.S.A., BMW, Verizon, Chick Fil A, Bayer, Richard Harris Law, Dr. Pepper, DART, HCA, The Richards Group.