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The Ingredients of a Winning Pitch

In this article you will learn What To Include In Your PowerPoint Pitch Deck in order to make it most effective. This guide is intending for those creating an investor pitch deck, startup business proposal, or any sales-driven or persuasion-targeted presentation using PowerPoint, Keynote, or


The Art of Business Communication

The perfect business communication is like sunshine on a fabulous rainy day. Being in its presence opens up the sky and fills the atmosphere with rainbows of joy. It is a publication unlike any other. Filled with inspiration and genuine ways of moving the soul


New Video: King of The Pitch

You’ve got a great idea, you’ve done all of the research, and you know exactly where you want to take it. All you need now is a killer PowerPoint presentation that will bring your pitch home to investors and your target audience. With all the


9 Free Resumes Templates for 2016 Job Hunt

Job hunting is literally a full time job in and of itself…literally. Finding the right employment opportunity and figuring out how to stand out among the other candidates to snag the attention of potential employers is a big enough job to fill any 40-hour non-work week. So